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Nivo Host provides you best web hosting service in india.We offers you our best Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers also.

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Why You Choose NivoHost Hosting for its reliable facilities.

We Gives you best from our side not need to anywhere.

Google Server

Trusted Server we can use and ensure user for there protection and Speed.

User Panel

Nivohost provide a Simple easy to use panel for user and understand all things in simple way.

Data Backup

We can provide you data-backup facilities for your data safe and you can recover it anytime.

Migrate Sites

Nivohost provide Free site migration any where the site hosted and ensure your data perfectly migrated on our server.

Our availability is our identity

Government Certified ✅

Nivohost is certified by India government and also registered company as web hosting service on Msme Gov.

Trusted Domain Registration ✅

Nivohost provide you domains from Trusted Sellers and low domain-cost.

Google Featured ✅

Google showing nivohost on his search result on top.

Best Support Team ✅

We have 24/7/365 Working support team that helps you.

Payment Partners :

PayPal Payments

We provide you pay all over the world payments easily not hassle free transcations.

Razorpay Payments

India's best payment gateways payment al local payment system available like UPI.

CC Avenue Payments

It also a Trusted payment Gateway that help international or national payment accept.

Stripe Payments

Best credit or debit card payment gateway. You can pay through your Visa Card.

We Offers Best Features

We provide the best features to make your online experience great – fast and secure websites with easy-to-use tools. Elevate your online presence with us!

LiteSpeed Server

We provide you the fast server facilities on a affortable price with best specifications.

Code Host

NivoHost is a widely-used code hosting platform for collaborative software development.

Cloud Server

We provides scalable cloud servers with on-demand compute capacity, allowing flexible and reliable hosting of applications and services.

Optimize Hosting

Optimize Hosting delivers high-performance web hosting solutions with enhanced speed, security, and reliable support for an optimized online experience.


Scalability is a key feature of cloud services, enabling seamless expansion of resources to accommodate growing demands and ensure optimal performance.

Unlimited Features

NivoHost offers unlimited features, including bandwidth, storage, and domains, providing a versatile and scalable hosting solution for diverse online needs.

Nvmme SSD

NVMe SSDs, offer blazing-fast storage performance, reducing data access latency and enhancing overall system speed.

Immunity Security

Immunity Security provides robust cybersecurity solutions, offering advanced threat detection and prevention to safeguard digital assets and networks.

The Best Hosting LiteSpeed 20x Faster Speed.

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SpeedUp Your Services, With Us.

Some facilities we provide you to from our best services.

Google Server

Harness the power of Google Servers in our hosting environment for unbeatable performance and reliability.

DDoS Protection

Fortify your online presence with our robust DDoS protection, shielding your website against malicious attacks.

Backup Facilities

Safeguard your digital assets with our reliable backup facilities, ensuring the security and availability of your data.

Our Services

We gives A Better Choice for you

Wordpress Hosting

Good for a wordpress website it enhance the performance of your wordpress and give a best result.

Cloud Hosting

It helps to Fast-loading your website improve the performance and management of traffic.

Vps Hosting

Virtual Private Server is a own server machine where you get own server and you can use it as your need like as linux OS ,Debain OS etc.

Dedicated Hosting

It is high ended server usually used for high performance tasks and high level traffic.


Our Customers, Our Success

We give opportunity to users review and if any issue in our hosting fix as per reviews and attached here.

Best Service at Affortable Prices.

I like the nivohost reasonable prices for hosting.There are serval things thats i like most are the support team response is very nice and try to solve your solutions, Best performance servers i am using hosting from 6 months but no down time i show in hosting.If any buy or try hosting from NivoHost i say that you can check at least 1 Time i think you people like them.

Thanks to NivoHost for providing best services.

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